Conference on “Creativity”

Department of Human Sciences
and PhD in Humanities

Guglielmo Marconi University – 29th and 30th May 2019

Aula Magna – via Plinio, 44 – Rome

Creativity is the art, the ability and the cognitive faculty of the mind to create and invent: to represent a forma mentis that takes on a particularly significant function in relation to our cognitive processes, such as intuition, perception, analogical thinking, the simulation, the integration of ideas, research in the context of a structured problem, reflection, personal reworking, critical thinking.

Creativity involves not only the cognitive and meta-cognitive profile, but also the affective-motivational horizon of our subjectivity, represented by feelings, needs, emotions, impulses, interests, passions, desires. Everyone is a universe in which “unknown inner strengths sleep in the shadow like kings never born”.

It is fundamental to think and express the innate creativity in our interiority in order to give meaning to our life: that means to externalize the deepest motivations that mark the “colors” of our soul. Our first duty is towards our own conscience and inner time: “being oneself” with respect for authentic life.

The conference, promoted by the Department of Human Sciences in collaboration with the PhD in Humanities, aims to study the theme of creativity according to trans-disciplinary research lines and to promote and maximize the enhancement of comparison and scientific productivity. The conference starts from the assumption that the objectives and the quality of the research activity on this thematic area are closely connected to the level of interrelation and collaboration between all the disciplinary components.

The conference program is structured in a interdisciplinary horizon and divided into six sessions, which include different disciplinary fields linked to the six “macro-areas of research” (Humanities, Linguistic Sciences, Social sciences, Psychological Sciences, Philosophical Sciences, Education Sciences).

Twenty-five speakers from the Department of Human Sciences will attend the conference.
Download the PDF program.

The conference will be streamed live on the Guglielmo Marconi University website

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